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About Much2Do and Much2Plan

To manage my own work I made two applications to manage my tasks and plan my workload: one for Windows (XP en Vista) and one for Windows Mobile (2003/5/6). I am using these applications to manage both business and private tasks.

The main difference between these programs and other existing task managers is that all tasks are saved in a treeview. This has two advantages. First, it means you can split tasks into smaller 'subtasks'. Second, it means that even when the amount of tasks is huge you can still overview the total workload. Even when I have 'much to do' I feel that I am 'in control'.

When I read a message board about ToDo software, I posted a message about Much2Do. After receiving countless requests for it within just a few days, I decided to make Much2Do and Much2Plan available for others. On these pages you can find the latest info on Much2Do and Much2Plan software, as well suggestions for customizing Outlook.

Much2Do for PocketPC

  • Add tasks and subtasks to one of multiple lists
  • Add detailed info to a task by adding 'child' items to a task (creating 'subtasks')
  • Choose an appropriate icon for each task or subtask, 32 icons available
  • Remove tasks you have completed
  • More...

Click here for the Much2Do software for PocketPC


Much2Plan for PC

  • All features of Much2Do (PocketPC) are incorporated into Much2Plan (PC)
  • Check the archive to find out which date a certain task has been completed
  • In addition to that you can drag tasks or subtasks to the planning at the right side, to schedule them for a specific date
  • Tasks can be dragged to other days or you can shift tasks in your planning to a later date when a project comes along with a higher priority
  • Reserve specific days if you have so many appointments that you do not have time to perform any tasks
  • Choose whether you want to work on Saturdays and Sundays or that you want to keep these days free
  • Tasks and/or Planning can be exported/printed
  • More...

Click here for Much2Plan software for PC

The latest news!

Januari 2012: Since the software is outdated, it is no longer available for download. I hope you will find a good alternative!

Januari 2010: Version 1.0 is released, of both Much2Do and MuchPlan. These versions are Freeware, no nag screens and no registration fee or donations required. The zip than can be downloaded also includes a Quick 'brief' manual to get you started. The main improvements over the beta versions are:

  • It is now possible to add checkboxes to the ToDo items (can be turned on or off in Options)
  • It is also possible to add numbers to items automatically (can be turned on or off in Options)
  • The main items (root nodes) are now displayed in Bold so they stand out a little bit more inbetween the sub-items
  • In the Planning you can now set whether you work on Saturdays or not and whether you work on Sundays or not, independent (used to be a single option)
  • Exporting and printing has been extended with a few new options, among which clipping (both directions), to minimize the amount of paper used

January 2009: The name of the company Building/3Design has been changed to NatriSoft. There is no version 1.0 yet, so in the software and in the manual of the current version you will still find the name 3Design. You can still use the email address of 3Design, all feedback is welcome!

November 2008: I added a page with pictures and descriptions of my workplace at home, in which I live and work. Much2Do can help you organize your work, a comfortable work environment can make work more fun and can make you more productive! See this page.

October 2008: the Work on version 0.99 is completed! The new version includes lots of improvements compared to Beta2:

  • It is now possible to assign multiple ToDo's to a single day in the planning
  • Items that are removed using the button "Done" can be displayed by pressing the Archive button
  • Both the ToDo's and the Planning can be exported in txt format (indented with tabs or spaces)
  • Both the ToDo's and the Planning can be printed (indented with tabs or spaces)
  • The program includes lots of Options , including inheritance of icons when creating of moving items
  • Synchronisation between Much2Do for PocketPC and Much2Plan for PC is improved
  • More...

For users of version Beta1: the Beta2 version already offered lots of improvements compared to Beta1. They are listed below.

  • The names of the lists are editable inside the program (with Beta1 this can only be done by editing the data files)
  • The names of the 'root' nodes are editable, also these nodes can be added and removed from within the program
  • Each task can have it's own icon attached to it, choose one out of 32 icons!
  • Task can not only be moved vertically, but also horizontally and to other lists
  • More...


All suggestions and remarks are very welcome by email!

Marcel de Natris

For more information please send an email through my personal page.

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